Esprimo e condivido le mie emozioni con la creazione di oggetti in ceramica. La maiolica artistica italiana, piena di luce, colori e passione. L'arte è comunicazione, per questo mi lascio ispirare anche dalle storie e dalle emozioni delle persone che mi affidano il progetto di una creazione  unica e personalizzata. PATRIZIA              

Welcome to my shop: MAIOLICAPATRIZIA.

My name is Patricia, I'm a ceramist.

When I met the art of ceramics?

I always loved creativity and art!
During college and a degree in Pedagogy, I attended a pottery class in Ariano Irpino, Italian City of Ceramics, and my hometown, and I got the qualification of ceramist.

So I bought the tools to practice this art and to become more competent.

What inspires me?

I am inspired by my travels in Italy: land of ceramic art!
I always am inspired by Italian art and the colors of the Italian cities of ceramics.
Ourceramics are true works of art: colorful and bright.
Here's my inspiration!

Why I am passionate about ceramics?

In ceramics, the object that I will paint will be my creature, born in some way from me, from my feelings and emotions, from what makes me happy.

What really buys a customer in my shop?

With my ceramics I want to give emotion and joy to the home.
I want to impress on the field the memory of a special event, like a photograph.
And when I meet someone who appreciates what I create, that someone is in tune with me, with the hidden joy in my items.

What I expect from this shop?

The idea of this shop is coming to my husband that I never stop to thank for that!
He is, in fact, my main source of encouragement!

Etsy was a discovery!
One way to get involved and overcome challenges!
Through my experience with Etsy I want to grow my passion for ceramics: and I want to share my passion with the world, creating unique items!
I I would like to be able to create objects made to measure for each, creating a perfect combination of my style and the desires of my clients who are looking for something original and wonderful.

Please visit my shop, leaving you to surprise!

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